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Hello, I am Coach Aileen Wu

I Guide and Empower Athletes and Coaches to Reach Their Potential Through Olympic Weightlifting

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Learn The Essential Skills

See the Improvements

Live Coaching

Master the Fundamentals

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March 26-27.

Athlete Weekend Camp and Level 1 Coach Certification.  Murrieta, CA

Olympic Weightlifting Technique and
Troubleshooting Online Course

Online Course.  April 9-10

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What People Are Saying
About WuLift

Truly Olympic level training straight from Olympic Level Coaches


Coach Wu has the tools and the personality to work with any athlete from a new young lifter, to an athlete preparing for the CrossFit Games, to someone looking to be better at lifts, to a professional Olympic Lifter. She is very well spoken and has the confidence to help athletes maximize their potential because she cares.
Bryce Smith
4x CrossFit Games Teams Athlete

So Great!

Coach Wu is so patient. She’s so great about finding one thing for you to focus on and drill that, and then layered on the next piece. It felt progressive. It felt nice. She wasn’t judgmental about the process. Any progress was progress. Any forward step was a forward step. And any mistake was a learning opportunity. It wasn’t negative. Her positivity is great.
Val Voboril
4x CrossFit Games Individual Athlete

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