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Being one of the stronger people in your CrossFit class is great, but what about the fundamentals! 


Whatever your Olympic Weightlifting goals are, you need to have the technique and create a foundation that will allow you to “go the distance”! (Yes! That’s a Rocky metaphor).

After years of individual and group coaching and thousands of DM’s on Instagram begging me to create something to help people with their fitness regime, Elevate: Weightlifting Programming Powered by WuLift is here!

I already know I want this AND the bonus video analysis!

LOVE BEING ON THIS PROGRAM! It’s only been a few weeks and I’ve PR-ed already! Can’t wait for more!

What’s different about our programming?

We don’t expect you to come to our programming with your sh*t all together. We expect you to come to learnimprove your techniqueget a firm understanding of the fundamentals, and get stronger.

That’s why we created our progressive approach that you won’t find anywhere else.  

We know you can’t clean and snatch perfectly yet. We know your technique and strength aren’t at the level you want to be yet and we want to help you get there.

Our unique approach can help you AVOID: ​

If you want to improve your Olympic Lifts it’s imperative to build a progressive foundation from a strength and technique perspective. That’s what gets you those PRs!

A great add on to my Crossfit. I’m improving on my oly and strength and it’s only an hour three times per week!


I used to go the gym and have a weightlifting coach, he was very positive but he would see me doing something wrong and just tell me to try something different.
WuLift has a really good balance of pushing us, working us but also making it fun. It’s not just the grind.
Coach Wu is able to understand and access how someone learns!

Is this you?

😬 Do you spend countless hours but feel you’ve hit a plateau?
😬 Have you experienced unexpected injuries and need to learn to lift properly?
😬 Are you investing in coaches and programs but you just aren’t seeing the improvements?
🙏 Are you wanting a weightlifting community around the globe where you can connect and talk with other good, hard-working people who are passionate about weightlifting?
😬 Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of advice out there on the internet and you want to receive coaching from someone who has not only coached top athletes and 4X’s CrossFit Games athletes but also Moms, Dads, casual lifters, older athletes, and people who just want to improve their lifting and feel their best?
😬 Are you more than ready to get down and dirty so you can understand the technique and fundamentals of lifting, with an experienced coach who knows that everyone can set PRs and achieve them?

Get Lifting, Get Lifted.

I’m Coach Wu.

There was I time when I ate, slept, and breathed Olympic Weightlifting – training 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for years only to rush home and binge-watch anything Olympic Weightlifting related before falling asleep (this was back in 2007!).

I gave 3000%, sought out the best coaches, and instead of PRing consistently and on top of the podium, I ended up severely injured (I couldn’t even bend my knees 2 inches) and with lifts that I just wasn’t happy with.

That’s when I learned the importance of a progressive and wholistic approach so it doesn’t take you on a dark path if you have to slow down your workouts or take an absence.

I focused intensely on technique and began adding it to my one-on-one coaching and saw my clients not only PRing, but more importantly, they were PRing with good form. Over and over again they were improving!

I turned my personal injuries and disappointment in my own lifts into a thriving coaching business that I truly feel is my superpower.

I’ve been intimidated to do other oly programs but this one - wow. It’s progressive and I progress through the lifts step by step. All while working on strength at the same time. Love it!
Weightlifting Programming
Powered by WuLift.


If you are looking to improve your Olympic Lifts – this online training program is for you. You will improve your Olympic Weightlifting Technique, become more efficient which will lead to PRs!

This program is designed with the intention to not only improve how much you are lifting but to improve your mechanics as well. Working not only on weight lifted but the integrity of the lift.

What you get with Elevate Programming:

A new program every week.
An exercise library with video demos of the Olympic Lifting Movements.
A great community of people passionate about weightlifting.
Workouts scheduled for Mon/Wed/Saturday for the 3-Day program, but you can do it any time you want to.

Find out more about the 3 Day Programming:

3-Day Programming: This 3 day a week program can be added as an Olympic Lifting supplement to your current training program or you can use it as a stand-alone program. In other words, this is the extra “something something” to add to your current fitness regimen, if you catch my drift 😉 but you can also use it by itself.

Are you ready to improve your Olympic Lifting and get stronger?

Get Elevate, Weightlifting Programming Powered by WuLift.

I can’t recommend this enough to other crossfitters who want to supplement their workout program with some Oly. It’s short, simple, but effective. My friends and I are getting better week by week and our numbers are going up too!


Coach Wu has the tools and the personality to work with any athlete from a new young lifter, to an athlete preparing for the CrossFit Games, to someone looking to be better at lifts, to a professional Olympic Lifter. She is very well-spoken and has the confidence to help athletes maximize their potential because she cares.
Bryce Smith
4x CrossFit Games Teams Athlete
I like the emphasis on technique! I like the number of reps we have to do without any expectation of weight. So much of lifting is going after a PR. As an older athlete, I appreciate that. It’s not just my age it’s my temperament to that I like the reputation to groove things in.
Coach Aileen has such a trained eye and can see things through video! It’s been a really cool community feel and connecting with people all over the world. A lot of the magic is in time and reps. Going over the basics over and over is what people need to do.
I tried other coaching and didn’t improve, but with WuLift I have! I’ve gotten better and seen an increase in my lifts.

Seriously, having a Coach who can help you stay motivated, spot any technique pitfalls that you’re having, and support you in your overall weightlifting goals is priceless.

You will pay nowhere near what you would for a one-on-one coach in the gym and that’s because I want this to be an easy yes for you to start lifting today.

What people say they love most about WuLift Coaching is that it’s effective, makes sense, and is easy to implement. It’s technical and specific without confusing jargon.

More about Aileen Wu:

  • I’ve coached for 10 years.
  • I’ve trained over 10 CrossFit Games Athletes.
  • I’ve coached Multiple Master’s Weightlifters and an Olympic Silver Medalist.
  • I’ve been in the CrossFit scene since 2007
  • I’ve led CrossFit certifications around the world.
  • I earned the nickname “Kung Fu Panda” in my early 20s.
  • I’m excited to offer this full buffet of offerings to meet you where you are TODAY!

Got More Questions? I’ve Got Answers.

FAQ #1: Can I do the programming on different days?

Yes! You do the programming any days you want.

FAQ #2: What happens if I want to cancel?

Elevate is a month-to-month membership and you can choose to cancel at any time in the app. If you choose to leave then you will have access through the end of your last pay period.  

Elevate is a month-to-month membership and you can email us at admin@wulift.com at any time to cancel. You will have access through the end of your last pay period.  

On the app, I like how it tells you how much to lift… it takes out the guess work. And I can see how each exercise correlates to the others in terms of building up my strength and oly proficiency

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join Elevate: Weightlifting Programming Powered by WuLift, I encourage you to begin making your technique a priority.

Take it from me and learn from my mistakes: I had trained hard for years and broke my body down to the point of severe injury!

Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what you need to improve your lifts and finally PR.

Don’t wait until your so frustrated with lifting that you throw in the towel… invest in yourself NOW to create the body you want, with the overall health that comes with it!

Do you know what’s better than me figuring out the technique and seeing my client’s PR? Celebrating with you virtually when you beat yours!  

Get after it!

PS- Are you ready to ELEVATE your lifts? Click here to get started TODAY!

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