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I did everything I was told. I ate, slept, and breathed Olympic Weightlifting. My life completely revolved around it. I trained 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for years and then would go home and binge-watch anything Olympic Weightlifting related before falling asleep.

I gave 3000%, trained under the best coaches, and instead of PR-ing consistently and on top of the podium, I ended up severely injured (I couldn’t even bend my knees 2 inches) and with lifts I wasn’t happy with.

Because of how broken I was, I was forced to take time off from the sport that was my life.

It took me to a very dark place. When you’re in training mode, you’re focused, you have a purpose, and you have something you’re committed to… but when you suddenly lose that due to injury? It can be tough.

I had to do some soul searching and start asking myself the tough questions.

Was my body just unable to lift the way I wanted it to?

Was I working this hard for no reason?

What was I missing???

 – Andrew Kong – Crossfit Games Athlete 2018

And finally, was it possible that the EXPERTS in this industry were using a “one-size-fits-all” approach that just didn’t work for me?

There had to be an answer. I needed to know. So I dug, dug, and dug some more. I studied the greats. I learned good technique and I learned what was critical and what was not. It got to the point where I realized that I could see where someone else’s technique was causing them to have a bad lift. I could quickly see all the parts of the lift and spot where things went wrong and the one thing that needed to change to correct it (see my critiques HERE on YouTube to see what I mean).

I became the coach I so badly needed!

I also learned that it’s about more than just the lifts. It’s also about the athlete.

As a Coach, I held the vision with my athletes, walked them through one tiny milestone, and then the next… until the next thing you know they were PR-ing, reaching farther than they thought they could ever reach and running over to hug me.

Some athletes get frustrated and depressed with Olympic Lifting. They hate the lifts – it’s too complex and hard and just ugh!  For others, they work hard and try to Olympic Lift but then get injured or hit a plateau. 

A shame because the lifts are beautiful, magical, and can enhance your life – if you just could figure out how to do them….

That’s why I created WuLift.

WuLift is about empowering you, micromovement by intentional micromovement, to elevate your technique while remaining grounded and balanced along the way. With this in mind, I have taken my years of coaching in-person, with large groups, and online and created Elevate Weightlifting Programming along with the WuLift Coaching Certification Course and WuLift Athlete Weekend Camps.
Coach Wu has the tools and the personality to work with any athlete from a new young lifter, to an athlete preparing for the Crossfit Games, to someone looking to be better at life, to a professional Olympic Lifter. She is very well spoken and has the confidence to help athletes maximize their potential because she cares.
Bryce Smith
4x CrossFit Games Teams Athlete
Coach Wu makes weightlifting accessible and breaks it down so that someone with no prior experience can get into it and get started. I’ve worked with other trainers and they didn’t break it down like Coach Wu does. WuLift is attentive the psychology and talks about the other aspects like food, breaks, while still pushing me. Working with WuLift online has helped me keep a consistency with working out!

More about WuLift:

  • I’ve coached for 10 years.
  • I’ve trained over 10 CrossFit Games Athletes.
  • I’ve coached Multiple Master’s Weightlifters and an Olympic Silver Medalist.
  • I’ve been in the CrossFit scene since 2007
  • I’ve led CrossFit certifications around the world.
  • I earned the nickname “Kung Fu Panda” in my early 20s.

What makes WuLift different?

Having a full mind & body empowering program with a coach who believes in you goes a long way!

Our tagline is “Get Lifting, Get Lifted” because I believe that’s what weightlifting can do for you. When done in a one-size-fits-YOU approach, you can push your personal limits and get the results you deserve for the effort you put in.

Nothing is worse than giving it your all only to find yourself plateauing or injured. Those breakthrough moments are so elevating and keep you motivated to keep showing up and taking charge of your physical health.

Coach Wu is able to understand and access how someone learns!” Which is very unique because some people just repeat the same words all over again but she digs a little deeper with each person to hone in on what we need. That’s a rare skill!
“I used to go the gym and have a weightlifting coach, and he was very positive but he would see me doing something wrong and just tell me to try something different.” One of the things I appreciate with this coaching style is when Coach Wu sees something wrong, she not only tells me that it’s wrong, but why it’s wrong and what we need to do to fix that. If step 4 is wrong, we often back to step 1 and that helps me understand WHY which allows me to fix it. Now I’m always hearing her voice in my head! (in a good way)

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