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7 Quick & Easy Hacks to
PR Your Olympic Lifts

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I’m Aileen Wu and I’ve been an Olympic Weightlifting Coach for 10 years specializing in helping athletes PR their Olympic Lifts. That’s right, making minor adjustments to get BIG breakthroughs.

When you sign up, you get 7 FREE video tutorial hacks to help you PR your lifts. Best part, each video is less than 2 minutes so you can watch them and implement your hacks ASAP!

7 Quick & Easy Hacks

to PR your Olympic Lifts

What's Inside?

10 Years of coaching secrets that I want you to have because I LOVE getting tagged in your IG stories with your excitement of PR-ing!

Increase Confidence

My #1 hack to allow
you to push for those breakthroughs!


This is a game changer for your positioning – GAME CHANGER!

Squat Hacks!

What you need to do for the WHOLE lift!

You get 7 free actionable hacks to help you PR your Oly, just for signing up.

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What Others Are Saying...

Hi, really enjoy your analysis. It's really clear and helpful for some who's quite new to Oly lifting.
Hey I hope you don't think this is weird ! I just got a huge PR and things really started progressing for me once you sent me your thoughts on my lifts. Everything is more consistent and easy to keep together now. This is ugly 225# snatch but it's my second workout today and just having fun! Thanks again!
3rd times the charm!! Another 5# PR and finally hit the triple digits
Thank you Aileen!!!! You are always in my head when I'm lifting.